Hello, Tammy!

Please watch the video, read, pray and answer the form below.

Happy 6th Eleven...

Lord, thank You because we have reached this far. I believe You have a lot of good things that You want to continue to write for us. We repent about those times when we let the enemy hold the pen for us, instead of You. As our Author, we give You the complete control in our story and bring the glory and honor back to You.

Tammy, Thank you for staying with me. I know that as we walk this path together, we will encounter more ups and downs, but nothing is impossible because Christ is at the center of our relationship. We’re not perfect and we have our differences, but we have the same faith and serve a perfect God.

You always asked me why you? Remember when we first met in the ministry, while you were praying for the kids? I told myself that this woman is my ideal woman who I dream to be the mother of my future children. How blessed am I to have you with me right now. I know that God is the one who introduced me to you and you are the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

I love you!

Will You Marry Me?

She Answered Yes!!!

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